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We thrive on being a key cog in your support network by following a hat-trick of traits firmly engrained into our agency and each team member’s DNA…  


We are an expert team of professionals taking care of every aspect of your career. Everything we do is carried out using the knowledge gained through our team’s varied background in both the worlds of football and business. In a fiercely competitive industry we continue to stand out from the competition. Growing is something we do every day and, if you choose us, you can too!


We are more than just agents – we are friends and people you can trust to help you make the correct personal and career choices. Your success, whether a professional debut or international cap, is also ours. Having been involved in many different levels of the game, we are passionate football people who can truly relate and empathise confidentially with you.


Don’t worry – by leaning on our years of experience we know exactly what to do in a variety of situations. Any issue of any size, on or off the field, you can bet we’ve dealt with, meaning your interests are in perfectly safe hands. We proactively handle everything you need so you can simply focus on becoming the best footballer you possibly can without any distractions.


What our players say about us…
  • “I signed with Skillequal when I was 16 and, if anything, they’ve just been steady and secure and always there when I’ve needed them. When I moved to Luton and Peterborough they were there to help and have always been on the phone. One thing with agents is, when you are not in the team, they can forget about you but when I wasn’t in the team at Luton they were constantly on the phone . They are not only interested when things are going well, it’s when it’s going the other way they want to help build it back up again. There’s not an awful lot of loyalty in football so to have loyalty with your agency is personally very good for me.”

    Jack Marriott
    Jack Marriott
  • “Skillequal have been representing me for the best part of 15 years. Being at the level I have, I haven’t been able to earn the sort of money as some of their top players, but they have still been unwavering in their support for me. They have always been at the end of the phone when I needed them and I have loved having them alongside. The biggest thing for me is their integrity as a company. I have met a lot of agents in the game and they are stereotypical of what you would expect. I consider Skillequal to be different, they don’t conform to your typical agency, they have humility and integrity at their core. I like to think I have those values as a person and that’s why I’m so proud to be a client with their company."

    Matt Bloomfield
    Matt Bloomfield
  • "Skillequal provide a top class service that can't be faulted. Their expertise and know-how off the pitch allows me to concentrate totally on my football. They are a great bunch of lads and are extremely professional in everything they do."

    Michael Carrick
    Michael Carrick
  • "I joined Skillequal at the age of 16 and they've been like an extended family to me and my family. I can call the lads at any time of the day with any problem and, however big or small, I know it's taken care. If my son is fortunate enough to follow in my footsteps then I would have no hesitation to let Skillequal take care of his career both on and off the field."

    Mark Noble
    Mark Noble
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