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Football is our passion! See our story…

Who We Are

Our mission is taking care of current and future football adventures.

We provide a personal service, where players always come first. We help negotiate contracts, deliver sponsorship opportunities, enhance personal brands, manage media interests and much more. We are well positioned in the industry with our qualified staff who offer guidance, advice and personal attention to promising young footballers, as well as established internationals. We also aim to handle all off the field aspects of the game and any problems that may occur to give our professionals the best possible chance of delivering on the pitch.

Our Values

The ideals we work to every single day…


We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, respecting professional needs by listening and communicating through every step of our players’ career. 


Our passion is the success of our clients, we’ll support them at every turn, ensuring they reach their full potential both on and off the field.


Many of our players have been with us throughout their careers, this loyalty and longevity makes for a great working relationship.


We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide for all our clients. We will always be on hand when needed, no problem is too great or too small.

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